Kyle Shepard

Kyle Shepard '18

Major: NSFIA/International Affairs
Hometown:Perry, Ohio

They say home is where the heart is and my heart is at the University of Mount Union.

2009 Podcasts

Cecil Shorts Interview
Download: Cecil_Shorts_interview.mp3

Montclair State vs Mount Union Recap
Download: Montclair State vs MUC recap.mp3

Mount Union W & J Highlights
Download: MUC-W and J HighlightFORAIR.mp3

Season Highlights
Download: SeasonhighlightsFINAL.mp3

Interview with Paul from Hard Days Night
Download: Interview with Paul from Hard Days Night.mp3

Alliance Race-Alan Andreani
Download: Alliance Race-Alan Andreani

Alliance Race-Don Brady
Download: Alliance Race-Don Brady

Alliance Race-Sarah Brown
Download: Alliance Race-Sarah Brown

Alliance Race-Carolyn Crites
Download: Alliance Race-Carolyn Crites

Alliance Race-Larry Dordea
Download: Alliance Race-Larry Dordea

Alliance Race-Steve Okey
Download: Alliance Race-Steve Okey

Alliance Race-Sue Ryan
Download: Alliance Race-Sue Ryan

Women's Mount Union volleyball player Melissa Mahnke
Download: MelissaMahnke.mp3

Swine Flu report part 1: Swine Flu background and prevention
Download: SwineFluPodcast1.mp3

Swine Flu report part 2: Interview with MUC Prof. Dr. Kim Risley
Download: SwineFluPodcast2.mp3

OAC Media Day featuring Mike Hallett
Download: OAC Media Day-Hallet.mp3

OAC Media Day featuring James Herbert
Download: OAC Media Day-Herbert.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler Interviews Rachel Teron '06 about the 2009 Presidential Inauguration (1-20-09)
Download: Inauguration Interview.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler Interviews Gordon Heffern Business Lecture speaker Nancy Hill (10-8-08)
Download: Hill Interview.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler Interview with Vince Marotta '48 (9-6-08)
Download: Vince Marotta.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler Special Report (9-6-08)
Download: Vince Marotta Additional Report.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler Kimono Story(2-9-09)
Download: Kimono Story.mp3

Mount Union's Megan Smuckler WR Timken Interview (2-9-09)
Download: WR Timken Interview.mp3

Baseball vs. Hiram 2009
Download: Baseball vs.

Interview with Mary Taylor 2009
Download: Mary Taylor Interview.mp3

D-Day Podcast Part One (6-6-09)
Download: D-Day Podcast Part 1

D-Day Podcast Part Two (6-6-09)
Download: D-Day Podcast Part 2

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