Noah Hiles '17

Major: Communication
Hometown:Burgettstown, PA

Since I was 12 years old, I have wanted to be a sports broadcaster. Within three weeks of being on campus, I was on the radio doing sideline reports for the best D3 football team in the nation.

2011 Podcasts

Take Back the Night
Download: Take Back the Night.mp3

Schooler Lecture - Khaled Hosseini
Download: Timeline for Improvement.mp3
Download: Afghanistan Misconceptions.mp3
Download: Women of Afghanistan.mp3
Download: Afghan Nationalism.mp3

Students Wear Burqas at Mount Union
Download: Students wear Burqas.mp3

Alchemy Acres Animal Fundraiser
Download: Alchemy Acres.mp3

OAC Football Media Day
Download: OAC Media Day.mp3
Download: Brett Ekkens Media Day.mp3
Download: Alex Ferrara Media Day.mp3

O ‘Jay’s festival
Download: Ojay's festival part 1.mp3
Download: Ojay's festival part 2.mp3

Project Bookshelf
Download: Project Bookshelf.mp3

Japanese Fundraiser for Earthquake Victims
Download: Japanese Fundraiser.mp3

Schooler Lecture Special News Report featuring Neil deGrasse Tyson
Download: Special News Report part 1.mp3
Download: Special News Report part 2.mp3
Download: Special News Report part 3.mp3
Download: Special News Report part 4.mp3

China-U.S. relations program featuring two Mount Union professors and a representative from the U.S. Army War College
Download: China Discussion part 1.mp3
Download: China Discussion part 2.mp3
Download: China Discussion part 3.mp3

St. Patrick's Day at UMU with a student from Belfast
Download:  St. Patrick's Day at UMU with a student from Belfast  

Mount Union Japanese student talks about disaster
Download: Japanese student talks about disaster.mp3

Dom Capers interview with Anne Graffice
Download: Dom Capers.mp3

Cecil Shorts Interview
Download: Cecil Shorts.mp3

Janet Weir Creighton’s speech, Women’s History dessert
Download: Janet Weir full speech.mp3
Download: Women's History Janet Weir Creighton Part 1.mp3
Download: Women's History Janet Weir Creighton Part 2 the White House.mp3

Spring Break Car Safety
Download: Spring Break Car Safety.mp3

Women's OAC Championship Game
Download:  Women's OAC Championship Game.mp3

Heffern Lecture Story
Download: Heffern Lecture Story.mp3

Heffern Lecture Complete Interview
Download: Heffern Lecture Interview.mp3

BSU Fashion Show
Download: BSU Fashion Show.mp3


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