Kyle Shepard

Kyle Shepard '18

Major: NSFIA/International Affairs
Hometown:Perry, Ohio

They say home is where the heart is and my heart is at the University of Mount Union.

2012 Podcasts

Purple Raiders drive to win the semi-final game on the road to the Stagg Bowl
Download: Mount Union Final Drive.mp3

Interview with actor Jonny Weston from the movie Chasing Mavericks
Download: Jonny Weston Interview.mp3

Interview with Author Carolyn Lawrence
Download: Lawrence Interview Part 1.mp3
Download: Lawrence Interview Part 2.mp3

Obama Rally Live Report
Download: Obama Rally with Beth.mp3
Download: Obama Arrival with Chris. mp3
Download: Obama Rally final report.mp3

Interview with Obama Supporter, Kal Penn
Download: Interview with Kal Penn Part 1.mp3
Download: Interview with Kal Penn Part 2.mp3

OAC Football Media Day Report
Download: OAC Media Day.mp3

Gage Hankins - Colorado movie theater shooting
Download: Gage Hankins Interview Part 1.mp3
Download: Gage Hankins Interview Part 2.mp3
Download: News Report on Gage Hankins.mp3

Alliance Farmers' Market Interview
Download: Alliance Farmers Market.mp3

Hector Olivera Interview
Download: Hector Olivera.mp3

Students from Hiroshima
Download: Students from Hiroshima.mp3

Andrea’s Garden Café
Download: Andrea’s Garden Café.mp3

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