Academic Affairs Staff

Administrators, Directors, Coordinators and Support Staff

Academic Affairs Administration


VPAA and Dean of the University

Dr. Jeffrey Breese

Interim Assistant Academic Dean

Ms. Holly Lucas

Associate Dean of Faculty

Dr. James Perone

Coordinator to Academic Affairs and Registrar

Mrs. Amanda Valverde

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation

Ms. Susan Denning

Assistant Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Ms. Suzette Burlingame

Executive Assistant to VPAA

Ms. Heather Hickman


Mr. Bryan Boatright

Assistant Registrar

Ms. Lisa Johnson

Assistant to Registrar, Scheduling Specialist

Ms. Tamra Caruthers

Academic Records Coordinator

Ms. Diane Yarnell




Africana Studies Program Coordinator

Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley

Center for Global Education Director

Dr. Jennifer Hall

Crandall Art Gallery Director

Ms. Carol Opatken

DWOC Studio

Dr. Danielle Cordaro

Entrepreneurial Initiative Studies Director

Mr. Michael Kachilla

Environmental Science Director

Dr. Mark McNaught

Gender Studies Program Coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Martin

Giese Performing Arts Facility Manager

Mr. Travis Harding

Honors Program Co-Coordinators

Dr. Susan Haddox
Dr. Nicole Johnson

Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center Director

Dr. Charles McClaugherty

Integrative Core and WOC Director

Dr. Rodney Dick

Interactive Media Program Coordinator

Dr. Len Cooper

Legal Studies Program Coordinator

Dr. Jack DeSario

MAEL Director

Dr. Mandy Capel

Medical Technology

Ms. B Susie Saulitis

Pre-Health Program Coordinator

Dr. Scott Mason

Regula Center for Public Service

Ms. Abby Honaker

University Marshal

Dr. Michael Zwilling



Building Coordinator – Bracy

Mr. Tom Wise

Building Coordinator – Chapman

Mr. Frank Tascone

Building Coordinator – Cope/Giese

Mr. Travis Harding

Building Coordinator – Dewald Chapel

Rev. Kyle Woodrow

Building Coordinator – EBB

Dr. Osama Jadaan

Building Coordinator – Eells Art Center

Mr. Bob Buganski

Building Coordinator – Gallaher

Dr. Matt Volansky

Building Coordinator – Gulling Training Center

Mr. Vince Kehres

Building Coordinator – Keener

Dr. Susan Haddox

Building Coordinator – KHIC Building

Dr. Mark Himmelein

Building Coordinator – Library

Mr. Robert Garland

Building Coordinator – McPherson

Dr. Ron Mendel

Building Coordinator – Timken Building

Mr. Paul Hesse

Building Coordinator – Tolerton-Hood

Dr. Melissa Muller

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