Abigail Reigle ’14

Major: Economics and Criminal Justice
Job Title: Law Student

Minors: Sociology and English
Hometown: Madison, Ohio

Title: Law Student, Duquesne University's School of Law

I am pursuing a dual degree with the business school at Duquesne so I will graduate in four years with a MBA in addition to a Juris Doctor (JD).


Early Memories
I have been visiting Mount Union since I was a baby because my parents are both alumni. We actually found a photograph of me standing on the bridge going across the lakes at about age two. My parents visited campus almost every year for Homecoming while I was growing up, and I have early memories of attending football games, seeing the residence halls my parents used to live in and even eating at the cafeteria before all of the recent renovations.

Honors Program Benefits
In addition to challenging me academically, the Honors Program allowed me to overload on classes, which then enabled me to triple major and double minor. I also met other highly motivated and passionate students through the Honors Program. We completed volunteer work together, had picnics, and attended other honors events (such as trips to the movies) throughout my four years at Mount. I was able to challenge myself through additional honors projects while learning more about topics I really cared about. These projects look great on my resume and helped develop my research, writing and presentation skills.

Lifelong Connections
What makes Mount Union unique is the lifelong connections that are formed there. The campus is full of friendly, pleasant people who go out of their way to help others. I made some great friends there and I know the connections will remain long past graduation.

Economics of Gender
I would say my favorite class was Economics of Gender, taught by Dr. Xiaoshu Han, assistant professor of economics, because of the opportunity to complete the service learning project. The course offered a unique way to look at women in the economy, as most traditional economic theories focus on the behavior of men. It also gave me the chance to research gender and white-collar crime, a topic I find very interesting.

A Supportive Professor
One professor I really admire and respect is Dr. Han of the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration. I took three of her economics classes, and she was also my advisor. She is a great professor who makes economics topics that can be difficult much easier to understand. There is also a lot of variety in her classes, from lectures and tests to debates, PowerPoint presentations and service learning opportunities.

Favorite Mount Memory
Being awarded the Faculty/Staff Junior Academic Prize. The award itself was a very special honor, but I'll especially remember the way it was presented to me. Dr. Han asked me to attend a faculty meeting with her, as it would be a unique experience for me. While I was a little confused, I was happy to go. I was stunned at the meeting when I was awarded the prize for overall academic achievement, voted on by faculty and staff. Dr. Han literally had to push me out of my seat to get moving to the podium on stage to accept the award. The whole experience was even better since Dr. Han kept it a surprise.

Putting the "Bad Guys" Away Through Internship Experience
I interned with the Lake County Public Defenders while at Mount. I was able to observe hearings and trials in six different courts, meet dozens of judges and lawyers, and compile a database of questions for potential jurors. I learned how to complete different types of legal documents and toured both the Lake County Crime Lab and Jail. The internship gave me legal experience and provided me with valuable networking opportunities.

Ultimate Life Goal
I plan on becoming a lawyer in a private firm in the area of corporate law, maybe intellectual property.

A Worthwhile Investment
While private university educations are more expensive than public, they have a very good reason to be. Professors were always available to meet or otherwise communicate. I always felt like I was an individual and they truly cared about my success and intellectual growth. It seems like everyone at Mount isn't just satisifed with the status quo, instead they strive to improve and further stand out to best serve their students' success.

As an Honors Program participant, I was able to challenge myself through honors projects while learning more about topics I really cared about. These projects look great on my resume and helped develop my research, writing and presentation skills.

Fun Facts

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Do you dance in the car?
Yes, but only with people I know won't judge my horrible dance moves.
What is number one on your bucket list?
Visiting London. I've never been on an airplane so this would be pretty exciting for me.
What is your favorite movie?
Silver Linings Playbook
What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
The classic PB&J.
What is one thing most people would be surprised to find out about you?
I love playing video games. I enjoy Call of Duty and Resident Evil especially.
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