Randy Kinietz '18

Randy Kinietz '18

Major: Nursing
Hometown:Delaware, Ohio

Every time I stepped on campus I fell in love with Mount Union even more and the overnight visit allowed me to get a good idea of what actually living on campus was like.

Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs works to foster collaboration, communication and personal interaction between and among students, faculty, administrative staff and the office itself to accomplish the University's educational mission and goals. The office oversees, coordinates and facilitates the many academic programs and processes which have been established to help students:

  • obtain a broad base of knowledge in the humanities, arts and sciences and awareness of discipline-specific methods of inquiry;
  • think critically and communicate effectively;
  • gain the knowledge and skills in a specific discipline requisite for satisfying careers and/or graduate work and professional studies;
  • foster an understanding of the various cultures and of the interdependence of the global community;
  • form moral and religious values that encourage them to address complex societal problems that affect the individual, community and world;
  • understand the United States as a pluralistic society characterized by changing social, political and economic relationships.
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