The Integrative Core

All degree-seeking Mount Union students will take courses with in the Integrative Core (IC) which includes 8 course for a maximum of 32 credit hours.  Details regarding the IC can be found online.

Course Selection

Students may be asked to decide upon the type of courses to take before they arrive on campus. That enables the registrar to set up a preliminary schedule, and changes can be finalized during new student orientation. 

Academic Support

All international students are encouraged to take advantage of the academic support services offered by Mount Union. The staff of the Center for Student Success provides programming to help students adjust to the requirements of the Mount Union academic environment. In addition, peer learning assistants trained by the Student Success Center are available to lead study groups or offer individual tutoring.

The Digital, Written and Oral Communication Studio also provides tutors to work across the curriculum with all students, international and native speakers. Some tutors are trained to focus on the specific issues of multi-lingual writers.

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