Academic Expectations at Mount Union

At the University of Mount Union, you will experience an engaging classroom atmosphere and are encouraged to contribute to educational discussions.  While studying at Mount Union, you may notice certain American values during your classroom interactions such as:

Time: Time is not wasted and emphasis is placed on time management skills.

Work and Academic Achievement: Students place a high value on hard work and their accomplishments from that work. They take personal responsibility for their actions and results and they judge others by these standards.

Individuality: This value supports both freedom and responsibility to manage one's own life, to make decisions, and to accomplish goals. Make your mark on campus by joining one (or more) than our 80+ students organizations!.

Communication Styles: Direct and a linear methods of communication are valued as a way to establish professional relationships with faculty and staff.  Students will also experience informal communication styles when interacting with their peers.

Critical thinking/problem solving Skills: Mount Union emphasizes the use of critical thinking skills. Critical thinking has been influenced by direct communication, linear explanation, and the scientific method. Critical thinking includes considering multiple viewpoints.  

Combining Theory and Practical Application: At Mount Union, this value combines critical thinking and the scientific method to show not only the theoretical components of your studies, but how theory interacts and can be proven by practical application.  Mount Union provides many types of practical, hands-on experiences for students such as internships and research within your major.  

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