Eduardo F. Valdes ‘83

Major: Music
Job Title: Principal Artist

Mount Union gave a good foundation in music to enter the main stream of music and to get into the schools that eventually got me to The Metropolitan Opera.

Academic Training

Academic training is training related to a student's field of study. Appropriate activities vary over disciplines. Academic training may involve sequential or simultaneous activities, either paid or unpaid, with several employers, provided the application and approval procedures are followed for each employer and activity, and the time limits are not exceeded. 

In addition to specific limits on the duration of academic training, a general condition for academic training is that the student must be "primarily in the United States to study rather than engage in academic training."


  • The student is primarily in the United States to study rather than engage in academic training;
  • The student is participating in academic training that is directly related to his or her major field of study listed on his or her Form DS-2019;
  • The student is in good academic standing;  and
  • The student receives written approval in advance from the responsible officer (RO) for the duration and type of academic training.

Conditions:  A student may be authorized to participate in an academic training program for wages or other remuneration:

  • During his or her studies; or
  • Commencing not later than 30 days after completion of his or her studies.

Time Limitations:

  • 18-month general limit for undergraduate students; a student can engage in up to 18 months or the period of the full course of study, whichever is less.
  • More than 18 months can be approved only if it is "necessary for the exchange visitor to satisfy the mandatory requirements of his or her degree program in the United States."

How to Apply

For information on how to apply for Academic Training, please download our Academic Training Application.  Once the application is completed and all materials have been collected, please make an appointment with the Office of International Programs to have your Academic Training authorized. 


Please note:  You cannot begin working until Academic Training has been authorized. 

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