Acceptable Use Policy

And Minors

The University of Mount Union Library provides internet access on all of its public workstations in order to allow our students, faculty and staff access to a wide array of internet resources. As required by the University of Mount Union IT Department, users must sign on to the campus network with a user name and password before gaining access to the internet. The Library maintains public passwords which Librarians may use to sign on users who are not members of the campus community. This service is provided to support community members who have legitimate college level research needs or who require access to federal government resources which the library maintains as a federal depository library.

The Mount Union Library supports the principle of academic freedom and the rights of our users to open access to information resources as spelled out in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.  No filtering of internet resources occurs on the campus network. However, campus network users are bound by the University of Mount Union Technology Resources Acceptable Use Policy located at this website:

As a member of the Federal Depository Library Program, The University of Mount Union provides federal government resources for the use of the general public following the same guidelines as any other user of campus network resources.

Unsupervised minors are a segment of the population who may not have the maturity or education to make appropriate use of resources available through the campus network. Therefore, it is our policy that parents are responsible for their children’s usage of the campus networked resources. Minors, individuals under the age of 18, will be permitted access to campus networked resources with the written permission of their parent or guardian as provided on the attached permission form.  For access to online government publications: if a parent or guardian is not present with the minor, a Reference Librarian will provide mediated access. Mediated access is also available by phone (330-823-3795), texting (330-257-5742), and email ( ). The University of  Mount Union, the Mount Union Library and staff are not responsible for the information found on the internet by minors. Parents should be aware that the internet does allow access to materials which may be deemed objectionable or offensive. In giving written permission, parents attest that unsupervised minors are aware of the proper and ethical use of internet resources as established in the above guidelines.



I, (please print name)____________________________________________________________


Driver’s License ______________________________________________________

(Copy of DL is to be Attached)

hereby agree to the above conditions and grant permission for my child,


to make use of internet resources available at the University of Mount Union Library.

I assume full responsibility for the supervision or restriction of such use by my child.

Date:  ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________

Library Staff ____________________________________

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