Kate Gonczy

Kate Gonczy '18

Major: Biochemistry
Hometown:Strongsville, Ohio

Taking classes outside of your major shows future employers and schools that you care about your education as a whole and that you’re not just checking pre-requisites off of a list.

Office of Advancement

" 'Planting trees' at Mount Union takes on many forms. On behalf of the Mount Union's administrative council, faculty and students, we are grateful to everyone who chooses to 'plant trees' by making a gift of financial support. The Office of University Advancement exists to help alumni and friends to make informed and careful decisions about how gifts to the University can make a difference.

Throughout the years, the University has been the recipient of much generosity. A stroll across campus will expose dozens of named facilities; a scan of our annual report will reveal thousands of supporters of our Mount Union Fund, a chat with a student or faculty will uncover stories of how endowed funds or scholarships have made a difference in the lives of the people who call Mount Union home. We are thankful to all those who support us and look forward to serving those who are considering 'planting trees' at Mount Union."

Gifts to Mount Union ensure continued academic development and success. The generosity of our alumni and friends, benefit the students, the community of which we are all a part, and you, the donor.

Whether your gift delivers an immediate impact to the University through the Mount Union Fund, Leadership Giving, or Foundation Giving or a future impact through Planned Giving, the foundation these gifts provide exemplifies the solid base on which Mount Union was founded over 150 years ago.

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