Alex Sheen Speaks at Mount Union

October 29, 2013

ALLIANCE, Ohio – Alex Sheen, founder of Because I Said I Would, spoke at the University of Mount Union on Monday.

In order to attend the event, each person was required to sign a promise card prior to Monday night promising they would attend. Nearly everyone that signed a promise card committed to their promise.

“Just from attendance alone you can see how powerful these promise cards are,” said senior Sarah Woody, a marketing major of Uniontown, OH. “It’s tough getting students to commit to anything way in advance, but the written promise really held everyone to their word.”

Sheen was inspired to begin the Because I Said I Would social movement following his father’s death in September 2012.

“When I think of promise, I think of my dad,” said Sheen. “I want to remember him by the way he lived and by the promises he kept.”

Sheen shared stories of his journey over the last year including raising money to send 100 children diagnosed with cancer to Disneyland, walking across the entire state of Ohio to raise awareness for sexual assault victims and aiding a young man in confessing to a crime.

“The speech was really heart-warming and inspirational,” said Woody. “It made me realize how important it really is to keep a promise, not only for you, but for others too.”

Sheen described some of the promises he has made and plans to fulfill, as well as promises he has seen from others.

"When you look at a promise, it’s not young or old, American or Asian, it’s simply elemental for life,” said Sheen.

Those who attended the event received 10 promise cards and were encouraged to share their promises on the various social media outlets in which Because I Said I Would is present. Students had the opportunity to speak to and take photos with Sheen after his presentation, as well as purchase T-shirts and other merchandise supporting the cause.

For more information on the Because I Said I Would movement, visit

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