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Alina Selby '14

I’ve always been interested in how things work and how I can make things more efficient.

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Current Student Spotlight:
Alina Selby '14

Hometown:Finleyville, PA

Major:Mechanical engineering

Future engineer

President of the Engineering Club, Member of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Society of Physics students


Liberal Arts Education
I looked at both big and small schools. But, I knew I wanted a liberal arts education on top of a degree in Mechanical Engineering because I thought it would set me apart from others after graduation. The other schools I looked at were less personal, but Mount Union wasn’t. The faculty care a lot about our interest in the engineering programs and what we’re looking to do as future engineers. They care enough that we actually get to sit in on faculty interviews and listen to potential professors teach in the classroom.

More Than Just a Number
In general, Mount Union cares more about you. At bigger universities, you’re just a number or an application. Mount Union truly wants to get to know you and wants you to personally better yourself so that one day you can graduate and make a difference in the world. It’s a nice place to go to school. I’m enjoying my time at Mount Union, and looking forward to getting involved and spending my next three years here.

International Field Experience
As a junior, engineering students take a course that studies how engineering can help developing countries progress. The location can vary from year to year, but I had the opportunity to travel to Belize. My classmates and I worked with two different high schools in the Belize City area to improve their outdoor educational facilities.

It’s a Family Thing
I’ve always been interested in how things work and how I can make things more efficient. Mechanical engineering is one of the fields of engineering that is broad enough that it offers a vast amount of job opportunities. I come from a family of engineers including my grandpa, aunts and uncles. My sister is in high school now and she wants to be an engineer too. So, I guess I would say it’s a family thing! It’s actually quite fun when we all get together.

A Brand New Facility
I spend most of my time in the new Engineering and Business Building. There’s a 24-hour computer lab specifically for engineering students and a student lounge on the second floor. We have exclusive access to the computer lab because it’s the only lab on campus with specific computer programs for engineers. It’s a brand new facility, and really nice.

In my engineering course last semester we toured the Alliance Water Treatment Plant. On this trip, we were able to learn more about the system, process and how it relates to engineering.

Favorite Professor
My favorite teacher is Dr. Helen Muga (assistant professor of engineering). Through her job experiences she has accomplished so much. And, she has a lot of opinions and input to share from her own personal stories. It’s nice to hear about women succeeding in engineering because such a large percentage of engineers are males.

Hands-On Experience
The engineering department at Mount Union incorporates hands-on experience in the first semester. I have had experience working in the machine shop through various labs and with the UMU Baja Team. Also, engineering students work with business students in a product development class and finish as seniors with a design capstone.

Career Preparation
My senior design group has been given the opportunity to work with industry for our project. We have daily experience in industry situations, which helps prepare us for our careers.

Dream Job
Although I’m not sure which avenue of mechanical engineering I want to pursue, I do know that I would like to work directly with people.

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