Alliance Local Elementary Schools Learn About the History of Native Americans at the Nature Center

April 01, 2010

The John T. Huston-Dr. John D. Brumbaugh Nature Center of Mount Union College hosted Alliance Local Elementary fifth graders on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 26-27. The students were introduced to the history of Native Americans presented by Stephen Rickard (RedTail). Rickard, who is part Iroquois, presented some of the history of Native Americans of the Ohio Valley through his stories and artifacts collected over the years.




'I feel it is very important for everyone to understand the history of the land,' said Rickard. 'As our country continues to grow, the land continues to develop and some of the history of our land and of the Native American culture is lost.'

The purpose of the program was to introduce the importance of the history of Native Americans in a hands-on approach allowing the students to receive a better appreciation of our country's history. The program was divided into stations, including Indian artifacts, art, fire and the history of Native Americans as taught by RedTail.

'The students were able to be more involved,' said Chris Fleming, a teacher at Northside Elementary. 'It is also important for the students to see how the Native Americans used the land and how some of the concepts of the primitive tools used during their time are still used today.'

As times change it will continue to be important to learn from the land's history not only for future growth but in preserving the environment.

'There is progress being made as far as the interest in Native American history,' added Rickard. 'There was time, not long ago, when our history wasn't talked about, but there will always be a concern as we continue to get removed from nature and enter into a computer and electronic age.'

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