Alliance Middle School Students are "E-pals" with Mount Union Education Majors

April 01, 2010

Betsy Brown, instructor of education at Mount Union College, has been involving middle childhood education majors in a program where they have the opportunity to be 'E-pals' with students from Alliance Middle School.


Stephanie Sholtis and Ben Holbrook Read the Book: The DaVinci Code

Since October 2, the Mount Union students have been paired with middle school students and communicating with them via e-mail about the book that their E-pal chose for them to read.

Each middle school student is a part of the gifted program and they shared questions and thoughts on the books that they were reading with their Mount Union E-pals.

Brown teaches ME 325 Teaching Reading & Writing in Middle Schoolat Mount Union as part of the Master Teacher Exchange Program. She thought the program would allow the future educators an opportunity to learn how to interact with the type of students that they will be teaching.

'This gives my kids a chance to interact with middle school students so that they can gain practical experience,' said Brown. 'They can learn how to question these students in order to learn how it will be in the real world when they begin to teach.'

John Bacon, a senior middle childhood education major said, 'It's been a rewarding experience because it gives us an opportunity to work with a younger student in a different way.'

Bacon's middle school partner, 8th grader Chris Reed said, 'I got to learn new words and learn a whole new vocabulary while sharing this reading experience.'

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