Alpha Chi Omega Hosts Annual Self-Defense Workshop at Mount Union

February 27, 2017

Alliance, OH—In honor of healthy relationships week, the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega invited the Mount Union and Alliance community to their annual self-defense workshop in the MAAC on Monday, February 13.

Over 40 people attended the event in which Officer Tiddle from the Alliance Police Department taught the group techniques on how to get out choking, wrist grabs, and hair pulling situations and how to defend themselves after being freed. Tiddle has his black belt in karate and runs multiple self-defense workshops throughout the community.

The event was put on to promote and raise awareness on Healthy Relationships Week. The week is dedicated to love and healthy aspects of romantic relationships and informing those on issues of domestic violence in a relationship and the proper ways to avoid or get out of these situations. Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy is domestic violence awareness. The sisters work persistently to raise awareness on this issue and work closely with the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter to help those who have been affected by it.

Savannah Simpson, Alpha Chi Omega’s vice president do risk management, says, “I was very pleased with the turnout we had. There were a lot of great people there who took the time make sure they knew what they were doing and to ensure they were ready for any dangerous situation.”

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