Alumni and Students Celebrated Family Day by Attending the Legacy Luncheon

November 11, 2009

The Office of Alumni and College Activities held the annual Legacy Luncheon on Saturday, November 7, as part of the Family Day celebration. The luncheon is for alumni who pass on the legacy of Mount Union by encouraging their children to attend the College.

The Office of Alumni and College Activities holds the luncheon every year as a way to thank alumni for being confident in the education that their children will receive by attending Mount Union. Nearly 90 alumni and students attended the luncheon this past weekend.

During the event, alumni and their children painted handprints and signed their name onto a canvas that will be displayed in the Office of Alumni and College Activities.

“We love this event,” said Tiffany Hogya, assistant director of alumni and college activities. “It is very special for our office because we enjoy seeing alumni and students on campus together.”

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