Alumni Help Establish President’s Rescue Fund for Mount Students

December 20, 2016

ALLIANCE, Ohio – This year, alumni worked in tandem with the Office of Advancement, the Office of Enrollment Management, and the Office of the President to create the President’s Rescue Fund, an account specifically designed to help students remain at the University of Mount Union to complete their degrees.

“This fund is designed for juniors and seniors who have explored all financial aid and loan options to support their education but still need just a little help to get them to the finish line,” explained Greg King, Vice President of Advancement. “We created this program with student success in mind—we are focused on ensuring that students from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to succeed and graduate.”

The generous gifts of Mount Union’s alumni, friends, faculty, and staff support the fund, and the singular purpose is to help students complete their degrees and realize an exceptional education. With their own college experiences in mind, alumni hope to pass onto current students the same opportunities and generosity they received during their time at Mount. 

“The core of a Mount Union education—value, quality, affordability, excellence, and leadership—is exemplified in our outstanding alumni who inspire our current students and impact their communities and the larger world every day,” said Dr. Dick Merriman, president of Mount Union. 

The President’s Rescue Fund is designed for undergraduate students who are currently enrolled and have an unpaid balance owed the university. The Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management is responsible for awarding amounts to students and monitoring the balance of the fund. 

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