Alyssa Rafoth '16

Major: Intervention Specialist
Hometown: Canfield, OH

Future Intervention Specialist

Member of Delta Sigma Tau, Student Alumni Association, Student Ambassador, Mount Union Call Center and Relay for Life


Choosing Mount
I knew I wanted to stay about an hour away from home. Therefore, I researched schools and went on several college visits that were near my hometown. Besides the campus being beautiful, I fell in love with Mount Union as soon as I stepped onto campus. It knew that, eventually, I would be able to call it my second home.

The thing I like most about Mount Union is the amount of opportunities that the school gives to all of its students. My favorite place around campus would be my sorority house because I know that it is a place I can always go to find a friend. Everyone on campus is always willing to help and will go above and beyond.

The College Experience
My experiences at Mount Union are beyond my expectations of what I thought college would be like. The school has given me the chance to participate in organizations, help the Alliance community and expand knowledge in my career path. Mount is providing me with hands-on experiences in my major, an opportunity to apply for internships and essential professional skills. Also, I believe receiving a liberal arts education has allowed me to become well-rounded and expand my knowledge in areas outside my intended major. 

Helping Others
I always knew I wanted to help those affected by disabilities. It was not until after speaking to many professors and Mount Union’s Center for Student Success that I determined I wanted to be an Intervention Specialist

Hands-On Opportunities
With my major, I had the opportunity to tutor kindergarten students at Alliance Early Learning School.  While tutoring students, I was able to see how advanced the school district is in using the newest technology. I am currently looking forward to an internship at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism this summer.  

Interesting Classes
Development Typical and Atypical Learners was my favorite class because I was learning new and interesting information. My professor showed me that the information I was taught would be beneficial to my professional life. Jan Webler, my favorite professor, has been an inspiration in helping me determine my future career goals. She has taken the time to get to know me on a personal level and has helped me grow as a professional individual.   

Mount Union has given me the chance to participate in organizations, help the Alliance community and expand knowledge in my career path.

To The Top!