American Marketing Association (AMA)

AMA Conference 2016During the past year, the American Marketing Association (AMA), a student-led organization for marketing major students on campus, has transitioned from a club to a functioning marketing agency for various clients, including some local Alliance businesses. As a student agency, they provide several hands-on projects for its members that allow students to gain real-world experience like conducting research and creating content. Check out some of AMA's latest projects: 

Frank’s Family Restaurant

In the fall 2016 semester, AMA conducted market research for Frank’s Family Restaurant in an attempt to target the key problem areas that were affecting its lack of student customers. Members of AMA assisted in creating the survey that was distributed to UMU students through email and also helped analyze the results for Frank’s. From those results, a marketing plan was constructed including graphs, a mock-up of a coupon/postcard and other suggested ideas to improve the restaurant. The group was paid for the work they accomplished.

Human Trafficking PSA

In the spring 2017 semester, AMA was asked to help the Sociology and Criminal Justice professor, Amelia Robinson with human trafficking research in the form of a PSA. AMA recently agreed to move forward with the project and will be utilizing some of its members to create an interesting and informative PSA video that will be used in Professor Robinson’s research.


Another project that AMA is involved with is a new concept called RaiderRack. RaiderRack is intended to be a “closet” of dress clothes where students can check out suits, dresses, etc. for interviews or presentations. AMA’s role is to create social media content and flyers that advertise the need for clothing donations across campus. Members assist in creating this content, similar to work that a social media specialist might see as part of their everyday work.

The Troll Hole

As a local student-led marketing agency, AMA wants to help as many local businesses as possible. In spring of 2017, it will create several social media campaigns for the Troll Hole Museum in an effort to create more traffic for the museum. Members of AMA will be responsible for coming up with campaign ideas, as well as, drafting the social media content for the Troll Hole’s social accounts.

On the horizon: Fourkids Coffee

A new coffee shop called Fourkids Coffee is planning on opening its doors in Alliance by mid-February and AMA’s goal is to take them on as its next client. The group hopes to provide additional marketing techniques and efforts that will help make their business a success!

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