Hannah Ferguson '19

Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown:Columbus, Ohio

A liberal arts education allows me to become a well-rounded, diverse individual, which will help me in all aspects of my professional career.

American Minority Student Services

Mount Union is committed to educating men and women of all races in keeping with our mission to prepare students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work, and responsible citizenship.The University of Mount Union offers many services, student organizations, and opportunities to students of minority descent. 

Minority Achievement Award

The Minority Achievement Award, offered as a result of an on-campus interview and essay competition, is open to incoming freshmen who are African-American, American-Indian or Alaska Native, Hispanic or Latino, Asian-Americans, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander and multiracial students. In addition, students who are members of other American minority groups or other groups underrepresented on Mount Union’s campus are welcome to submit a brief letter requesting the opportunity to compete. The Minority Achievement Committee will review and respond to all letters received.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion serves as a resource for all students and provides assistance for academic, social, cultural, and personal well-being.

Wayne Manzilla Diversity Internship Program

Wayne Manzilla graduated in 1888, and was the first African-American to graduate from Mount Union.

In Wayne Manzilla's honor, and in order to diversify the staff at the University, we seek to employ recent minority UMU graduates and help them to complete advanced degrees, which will allow them to assume full-time positions at the University.

To achieve this goal, the University strives to maintain an employment of underrepresented graduates in part-time positions while they complete their graduate degrees. A total annual commitment of 840 hours will be expected of working interns. The hours might be arranged with approximately 20 hours a week during the academic semesters, and 16 weeks of full-time during the summer months. 

For more information about the Wayne Manzilla Diversity Internship Program, please contact us at diversity@mountunion.edu.

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