Andrew Young, Former United Nations Ambassador, Speaks of War, Peace and America's Global Role

April 01, 2010


Andrew Young, former United States ambassador to the United Nations, spoke of war, peace and America's global role at the Mount Union College Schooler Lecture on March 20. The current crisis in the Middle East was the main topic of the speech, along with the evolution of the world powers in previous wars.






"Saddam Hussein is clearly a man who cannot be trusted," said Young. He further explained that Hussein sees himself as a man who is destined to drive infidels out of the Muslim world and the Jews out of Jerusalem.

Young said that America did not pay attention to Hussein when he killed the Kurds and invaded Iran. The United States did act when half a million people were killed in Kuwait. "This is a man who is not interested in peace. He is sick and should not be in power," said Young.




Young continued by saying that it is unfortunate we did not have enough political power to prevent war. "It is not the 25 million Iraqi citizens we have a problem with, but one mad man," said Young. He further added if there is a core group sick enough to produce evil, we are fighting that sickness.

Young described two factors that he says stopped the United States from receiving a United Nations backing. The first factor he discussed was that the United Nations was developed in 1942, and granted veto power to nations influential after World War II. The second factor was the United States taking too long to have an ambassador to the United Nations confirmed at the beginning of the Bush administration. Young described his own experience as an ambassador as creating personal relations for trust between ambassadors.




Comparing previous military involvement, Young spoke of the Vietnam, Korean, and Gulf wars to explain the uniqueness of the current conflict. Young stated that President Bush was elected into an isolationist United States.

"Nations looked at us as arrogant, and Bush's choices were limited," said Young.

Young encouraged a questioning United States to support the Bush administration and be patriotic to the government's decisions. "We have no choice but to stand with the president and the men and women in the desert," said Young.




Young said that we cannot complain about the wrongs of the administration because, "When you compare the wrongs of the United States and Iraq, there is no comparison," said Young.

Young delved into his Protestant roots to find hope for an optimistic outcome to the involvement in Iraq. He explained that there are not clear answers. He stated that he does not believe we can have peace on earth until we have peace in Jerusalem.




Young promoted the idea that if we can mount an attack on a dictator with such power, then we can end world hunger and disease, and look to develop other nations around the world.

"The abundant life we enjoy should be enjoyed by all of God's children. We all stand and fall by the grace and mercy of God," said Young.

Prior to the lecture, Dr. John L. Ewing, Jr., president of Mount Union College, acknowledged the late Seward and Edith Schooler whose gift to the College established the Schooler Lecture Series.














































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