Angela Smith Alder Named Mount Union College Great Teacher

April 01, 2010

Mount Union College has named Angela Smith Alder, assistant professor of political science and director of the legal studies program, as the College's 2005 Great Teacher.


Angela Smith Alder

The award was presented Thursday, April 21 at Mount Union's annual Senior Recognition and Honors Convocation.

A native of Omaha, Nebraska, Smith Alder earned bachelor of arts and master of science degrees from the University of Nebraska ' Omaha, a juris doctor degree from Creighton University and a master of legal letters from Harvard University.

Before joining the faculty at Mount Union in 2000, Smith Alder served as an instructor at Kent State University; director of advising at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Teachers College; adjunct professor, assistant professor and director of legal writing at Creighton University School of Law; school administrator at Montessori Parents' Co-op for Children; and a high school teacher at Cathedral High School.

'I am glad to nominate Professor Smith Alder as the most capable and outstanding professor from whom I have had the opportunity and pleasure to learn,' said one senior nominating Smith Alder for the award. 'She may very well be one of the most valuable assets in the Mount Union community, as she is positively affecting students each day by inspiring greatness to those in her classroom.'

'She goes beyond the blackboard and into the lives of her students, something rarely accomplished,' the student continued. 'Her devotion and extraordinary care are inspiring and I hope to one day have as effective of a career as she.'

According to another student's nomination, 'She [Smith Adler] provided me with much needed help as I prepared for the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) and completed my applications for law school. She goes above and beyond the call of duty by administering practice tests on Saturday mornings, reading many drafts of personal statements and writing each and every letter of recommendation from scratch. All of these examples fall outside the scope of her job, but she does them to help each and every student become better. Without her difficult classes, most students would be unprepared for law school.'

'She has inspired me to teach,' said another student's nomination. 'She is extremely well-educated and has had tremendous legal experience. She is an inspiration to the entire program and a breath of fresh air to our legal studies program.'

'She cares more about her students than herself,' the student continued. 'Her selfless acts should not go unrewarded.'

The Great Teacher Award, initiated in 1962, is sponsored by the Alumni Association and recognizes excellence in teaching ' the foundation upon which the reputation of Mount Union has been built.

Smith Alder was chosen as this year's Great Teacher by a selection committee consisting of the officers of the senior class, the two past recipients of the Great Teacher Award, the president and immediate past president of the Alumni Association and the president of the National Cabinet of Mount Union Women.

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