Angelique Jones ’00

Major While at Mount Union: Business Administration
Original Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Current Job Title: Associate Director of Admission, Ursuline College

 “I am responsible for the recruitment of prospective students to Ursuline College, with a focus on multicultural recruitment. My additional responsibilities include staff management and training, strategic planning and implementation, overseeing on- and off-campus admission events and the coordination of counselor travel.”


Neighborly Advice
I was originally encouraged to look at Mount Union by my next door neighbor, a Mount Union alum. Although I was interested in attending another private college at the time, my neighbor persuaded me to check out Mount Union as a second option. Needless to say, I took her advice and made the decision to apply right away!

Friendly Environment
The one thing that really attracted me to Mount Union was the friendly environment. Everyone speaks to you regardless of whether they are students, faculty or staff. It was something that stood out to me before I became a student and continued to impress me throughout my four years on campus. There is also that Purple Raider pride that you experience once you become connected to the University. It feels great to be part of an institution that exemplifies excellence in everything they do!

Favorite Professor
Dr. Martin Horning, professor emeritus of economics, accounting and business administration, was a great professor and advisor. He was very patient with me and always assisted me in making the right decisions regarding my future.

Mount Union Memories
Although there are formal events that were very memorable for me, the best memories were the informal ones. I remember the late-night runs to WalMart and Taco Bell, converting my friend’s residence hall room into a hair and nail salon and playing pranks on the boys! And I can’t forget about the peanut butter chocolate milkshakes in the coffeehouse during my study breaks—yum!

Helpful Organizations
While on campus, I was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ, the Black Student Union and Inspirational Voices of Praise. In addition, I was a resident assistant.

Preparing for Life After College
Mount Union gave me a well-rounded experience, which is something I am truly grateful for. As a result of education, I learned how to become an effective communicator, collaborator and overall leader. Although my profession has changed since 2000, the skills that I gained are definitely transferrable.

Lifelong Friends
I made friends for life at Mount Union, and I still keep in touch with them.

Proud Alumna
I make it a point to attend Homecoming events every year, as well as the Black Student Union activities. I am also a participant in the National Day of Service. I believe it is important to give up your time and talents whenever possible. It’s such a rewarding experience to be able to make a difference in someone else’s life, especially within your local community. The National Day of Service gives us that opportunity.

Getting involved
Being involved with alumni events at Mount Union is extremely important to me. Not only do I have the opportunity to reunite with former classmates, but I am able to develop a connection with current students as well. It is also a fantastic way to network and to stay informed on all the exciting things taking place across campus. Whether you attend events, mentor current students or support financially, it is very rewarding to give back to the place you once called home.

Future Goals
A goal I am currently working on is the writing of an inspirational book for young women. I am hoping to complete it very soon!

Angelique Jones ’00

Fun Facts

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Disorganization has to be my biggest. I am not looking for absolute perfection, but there must be order.
In a meeting with your peers is your phone on the table, in your pocket or purse, left at your desk or in your car?
It’s definitely on the table.
What is your favorite kind of sandwich?
Sierra Turkey at Panera Bread
What is your usual bedtime?
Usually around 10 p.m. Am I getting old or what?
Do you dance in the car?
What was the occupation you wanted to be when you were a kid?
I wanted to be a teacher. I guess I am still a teacher in a way; I educate students on the importance of furthering their education.
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