Anh Ngo Takes College Education from One Country to the Next

March 01, 2010

Many aspiring college students start out looking at schools farther away from home while still wanting to remain on the same continent. However, that was not the case for Anh Ngo, a senior at Mount Union who is taking her college education from one country to the next. Next fall, she will be attending a prestigious graduate school in England.

Ngo, a native of Hanoi, Vietnam, is a senior accounting major with double minors in business administration and German. Looking to further her education, Ngo applied to several top-notch graduate schools, but it was the University of London Cass Business School that caught her eye.

                                         Anh Ngo

“American business schools normally have an MBA or EMBA programs and that was not what I was looking for,” she said. “I decided to switch to England.”  Ngo explained that British universities offer a wide range of specialty master’s degrees such as a master of science degree in banking and international finance, finance and international accounting, finance and investment, trade and finance, among other programs.

Graduate schools in Britain had exactly what she was looking for when it came to her pursuing her education. Not to mention Ngo has been offered a scholarship that will cover 75 percent of her tuition and is still being encouraged to apply for more financial aid to cover the rest of the cost.    

It was not an easy task for Ngo to earn all of these awards and prestigious scholarships to attend Cass Business School. “I had to submit several essays, application forms and reference letters from my professors and employers,” said Ngo. “The scholarship was based on financial-needs, academic achievements and other relevant information.”

However, Ngo cannot take all the glory for her success here at Mount Union and her love for accounting. She credits Ruth Pogacnik and Dr. Patricia Matthews, both professors in the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration, for many of her achievements here at Mount Union.

Ngo said that she could count on Pogacnik just as she could count on the support of her mother. “She supports me whenever I feel exhausted or want to give up,” she said. “I have more strength and confidence whenever she says ‘Anh, you can do that.’”

Her words for Matthews are just as inspiring. “For me, Dr. Matthews is a source of knowledge and I am curious to learn more and more,” Ngo explained. “Had I known her earlier, probably one semester earlier, I would have declared a second major in finance.”

After graduation in the spring, Ngo will begin to prepare for the start of her adventures in London, England. She is set to arrive in England in September of 2010 and will be living on campus due to the high cost of living. The graduate program will last nearly 10 months without any breaks.  

Living in the financial capital of Europe will have many perks when Ngo goes to apply for jobs after graduate school. She is hopeful to apply for jobs in the financial sector of an investment bank company.

“Anh is part of the first wave of students which Mount Union has been fortunate to enroll over the past five years from Vietnam,” said Scott Slabaugh, director of the Center for Global Education.  “She is a prime example of how intensely serious our Vietnamese students are academically while at the same time finding time to be active and involved on campus socially.”

With Ngo’s drive to succeed, her curiosity for learning and the support of friends and professors here at Mount Union, she should not have any trouble living her dreams. “I believe we can achieve everything we want if we have passion,” she said.


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