Annual Matriculation Convocation Welcomes Freshmen to College Community

April 01, 2010


The Mount Union College community welcomed the Class of 2008 at the annual Matriculation Convocation on Friday, August 27.

The freshmen were welcomed to the College by Dr. Richard Marriott, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College, who told the students that the theme of the convocation was 'community.'

'Community is something we care deeply about at Mount Union,' said Marriott.

The President of the Alumni Council, Sue March, and Student Senate President John Davis, a junior from Chardon, also spoke to the students, welcoming them to the College community. Davis encouraged the students to get involved on campus. March welcomed the students on behalf of the alumni.

'All of us who treasured our experiences at Mount Union share in your excitement,' said March.

Mount Union College President Jack Ewing related the college experience to a roller coaster.

'You are about to go on an incredible ride,' said Ewing. 'There will be ups and downs and great challenges. But like that lap belt that keeps you in the roller coaster, everyone here tonight will be there to make sure you are ok.'

Julie Sutton, from Painesville, signs the Matriculation Book

Tim DeStefano, the 2003-2004 Great Teacher Award recipient and assistant professor of music at the College, addressed the students, encouraging them to be unafraid and to 'open their minds and hearts.' He suggested that life is a series of problem solving situations and that every challenge is an opportunity.

'What you leave here with after four years depends on what you allow yourself to absorb,' said DeStefano. 'Only you can unlock your hearts and minds.'

The freshmen then signed the Matriculation Book, which will be kept in President Ewing's office until graduation, when it will be on display in the campus bookstore.

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