Annual Matriculation Convocation Welcomes Freshmen to the College Community

April 01, 2010

The Mount Union College community welcomed the class of 2006 at the annual Matriculation Convocation, Friday, August 23.


The freshmen were welcomed to the College by Dr. Richard Marriott, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College. Mount Union College President Jack Ewing discussed the Mount Union College community, and then alumna Nancy Ashcom and student Rachel Watson discussed the College community from their perspectives. Dr. Naoko Oyabu-Mathis, professor of sociology and recipient of the 2001-2002 Great Teacher award, spoke to the students about "Opportunity, Potential and Personal Responsibilities."

The students and faculty took a matriculation pledge, and the freshmen signed the matriculation book, "dedicating their efforts and talents to excellence in liberal learning and career preparation."

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