Annual Scholars Banquet Allows Scholarship Recipients to Thank Donors In Person

April 01, 2010

The Fourth Annual Scholars' Banquet, held at Mount Union College Tuesday, March 27, provided an opportunity for the College community to celebrate the achievements of students, while honoring the generosity of alumni and friends.

Violet (Bica '44) Ross and Andrew Ricci

The annual banquet brings together donors who fund scholarships at Mount Union and the recipients of those scholarships to recognize the importance and meaning of giving. Ranging from memorial and departmental specific scholarships to need-based and unrestricted scholarships, each endowed fund is dispersed according to the wishes of the donor.

This year's guest speaker was Dr. Patricia Draves, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the College, who discussed the importance of having academically focused students and how those students stimulate the faculty at Mount Union.

'Motivated students become engaged in the campus,' said Draves. 'They bring fresh ideas, fire and passion for education. These students have an enormous impact on the faculty and staff here at Mount.

'Motivated and passionate students revitalize and motivate faculty,' Draves continued. 'In turn faculty members provide even more enriching and engaging experiences, adding to the academic community of learners at Mount Union College.'

In addition, senior Andrew Ricci, an English major from Beaver Falls, PA and current president of the Student Senate, spoke about how his endowed scholarship has impacted his life. He is a three-year recipient of the Ross Scholarship, established by Violet (Bica '44) Ross in memory of her husband, L. Clayton Ross and her brother, George Bica.

Ross, who spent her life educating and counseling youth in Alliance and Cleveland, also contributed a generous gift in 1999 to name the Bica-Ross Residence Hall. Ricci talked about how important it was in his life to have met Ross and how his constant communication with her was a driving force in his success at Mount Union.

'It is important that our students have the opportunity to meet the people who helped make it financially possible for them to attend Mount Union,' said Susan Denning, director of stewardship and grants and organizer of the Scholars' Banquet. 'And our endowed scholarship donors are thrilled to meet their students.'

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