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All applicants must have at least a 2.3 grade point average at time of application; at least 58 credit hours completed by the completion of the Spring 2009 session; be in good judicial standing by the starting point of the lease; and be of the same gender.  All four students must be living on campus for fall semester; spaces may not be saved for students who are studying abroad or living out of the area for other reasons during fall semester.  Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements at this time may be placed on a waiting list. 


Apartment applications will not be considered unless a full complement of four roommates is listed. Each roommate must sign the application. Signatures are required for all students in the group except for those students who are currently studying abroad.  Those students must email, by the application due date which will be determined by the end of the fall semester with his/her intention to be a part of the group; listing all names and giving authorization for the Office to check his/her records. 

Please note-  if squatting current apartment at least 2 of the original current members must be part of the re-application.


Applicants will be selected to be in apartment housing based on each of the minimum selection criteria: GPA, credit hours, and judicial standing.  Any group in which an applicant does not meet the criteria will not be considered, but may be placed on a waiting list.  A representative from each approved group may come to the Office of Residence Life on the given date (TBD) during Spring semester to draw a lottery number.  Students will be given a copy of the lease for each member of the group at this time.


Selection of actual apartment units will be conducted at a later date after the selection process has been completed.  A more complete schedule for selecting actual units will be provided when lottery numbers are drawn. Students must return all signed leases to be eligible to select an apartment. 


All Mount Union College policies, with a few notable exceptions, such as the visitation policy, will apply in the apartments (see the Mount Union Handbook for a complete listing).


If a student in the apartments should leave during the course of the academic year then the remaining roommates will be given the opportunity, within 7 days of notification that the student is leaving, to replace that roommate or, if space allows, the option to “buy out” the space at full value may be made available to your group if you do not find someone to replace the departing student.  Otherwise, the Office of Residence Life maintains the right to assign a new student to fill the vacancy.


All questions regarding apartment housing should be directed to the Associate Director of Residence Life for Facilities, Sara Sherer, in HPCC Office #81, or 330-829-2761 or