Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Major: Theatre and Middle Education
Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

I can get personal attention from all my professors in and out of the classroom because there aren’t an overwhelming number of students.

AQIP Steering Committee Membership

Nezam Al-Nsair
Director of Nursing Program 2014-2017
Linda Bigham
Education Program Administrative Support System Analyst

2012-2015 resource

Carisa Bohnak
President, Student Senate  while serving in this role
Ronald Crowl
Associate Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Planning Officer

(second term)
Susan Denning

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation At will

Fang Du

Director of Assessment and Program Development Resource
Debbie Fink

Secretary to Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Hamako Furuhata-Turner
Professor, Japanese 2012-2015
Michael Grossman
Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies 2014-2017
Vincent Heslop
Director of Student Enrollment Technology 2012-2015
Blaine Lewis
Director of Physical Plant 2014-2015
Callie Livengood
Director of New Media 2012-2015
Bruce Pietz
Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Sport Business 2014-2017
Andrew Price
Professor of English  2013-2016
Jonathan Scott
Professor of Biology 2013-2016
Sherrie Wallace
Director of Donor Relations and Research 2012-2015

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