Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Major: Theatre and Middle Education
Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

I can get personal attention from all my professors in and out of the classroom because there aren’t an overwhelming number of students.

AQIP Steering Committee Membership

Nezam Al-Nsair
Director of Nursing Program 2014-2017
Daria Chalupa
President, Student Senate  while serving in this role
Susan Denning

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation At will

Rodney Dick

Professor of English 2013-2016

Fang Du

Director of Assessment and Program Development Resource
Debbie Fink

Secretary to Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students

Hamako Furuhata-Turner
Professor, Japanese 2012-2015
Dominic Golembiewski
Director of Academic Marketing 2015-2018
Michael Grossman
Associate Professor, Political Science and International Studies 2014-2017
Vincent Heslop
Director of Student Enrollment Technology 2012-2015
Tiffany Hogya
Director of Alumni Relations and University Activities 2015-2018
Osama Jadaan
Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 2015-2018
Blaine Lewis
Director of Physical Plant 2014-2015
Bruce Pietz
Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Sport Business 2014-2017
Jonathan Scott
Professor of Biology 2013-2016
Vanessa Worley
Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies 2015-2018

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