Margo Miller

Teaching Area(s): Art

I sequentially build students’ visual and technical skills from the basics to complex. This process is less intimidating for students, builds on fundamental knowledge and contributes to student success in the classroom and beyond.

Art Learning Objectives

At Mount Union, students who major in art will have the opportunity to hone their skills and broaden their artistic abilities. The art program at the University fosters the artistic growth and maturity of its students by engaging in fundamental principles of visual art and design in a variety of art media.

A major in art will provide an excellent basis for further study leading to a career in fine or applied art, or for an advanced degree leading to teaching. The department has initiated a program that meets the requirements for a multi-age teaching license.
The art major is a two-stage program involving freshman-sophomore foundation courses and junior-senior advanced study. The foundation courses deal with the fundamental theory and studio skills which provide the broad base from which any artist functions. In the junior-senior advanced studio courses, the student uses the theory and skills learned in the foundation sequence to develop a personal creative approach which can function both as a method of inquiry and as a vocabulary for the communication of humanistic ideas. A thorough general study of the history of art is offered as an important part of the art major.

The Department of Art is committed to the following goals: 1) To provide a sound technical, theoretical, and historical foundation for the student majoring in art; 2) To provide an environment in which the student can function as an independent, creative individual; 3) To serve the student body of a liberal arts institution.

Art Learning Objectives:

  • The student will demonstrate a facility in design theory as the foundation for further growth in specific media.
  • The student will demonstrate proficiency in employing art theories in discussions, critiques and written assignments.
  • he students will be able to use any media to communicate their interpretation of a subject through solid theory and technical development.
  • The student will demonstrate the ability to integrate the streams of theory, practice and communication in the Senior Culminating Experience.
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