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Ashley Sams '15

What I love most about Mount Union is the pride we have in our university. Everyone from the professors to the administration to the students love our school and that creates a really amazing atmosphere that I can’t help but love.

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Current Student Spotlight:
Ashley Sams ’15

Hometown:Alliance, OH

Major:Marketing, HR, Spanish

Future Marketer

Majors: Marketing, Human Resource Management and Spanish

Member of the women’s soccer team, Raider Relief, American Marketing Association and Honors Program as well as intern in the Office of Marketing


Growing Up as a Raider
My parents have worked at Mount Union ever since I was born, so I practically grew up as a Purple Raider. Yet as I grew up, I always said I could never attend Mount Union because I knew it too well from being practically raised on campus. But after visiting other schools and coming back to Mount Union, it just felt right – I was home.

Meaningful Relationships
What sets Mount Union apart from other schools is the relationships between students and their professors. I have so many professors who offer a tremendous amount of assistance, guidance and motivation without asking for anything in return. Our faculty really cares about its students and it shows!

Triple Majoring
I chose marketing as my initial major because I knew I wanted to work in a business environment, but I wanted to have the flexibility to be creative and have fun with my job. So far, marketing has exceeded that belief by offering me great classes with even better professors. I also enjoy working with people, so that’s why I pursued a major in human resource management. Spanish was originally my minor but it quickly evolved into a major. I actually was taking so many courses in Spanish to prepare me for my study abroad experience in San Sebastian, Spain that I only needed one more class to officially major in the subject!

Hands-On Experience
My favorite hands-on experience has been working with Victorio’s Pizza last spring as part of the Direct and Internet Marketing course. We had to partner with a client and try to increase its revenue through online tactics such as email and social media. I liked this project because it gave me experience with a real client with a very real budget. It’s also a great talking point for interviews!

Purple Pride
What I love most about Mount Union is the pride we have in our university. Everyone from the professors to the administration to the students love our school and that creates a really amazing atmosphere that I can’t help but love.

Helpful Professors
My favorite professor is Mark McConnell, assistant professor of marketing. He has been a mentor to me from my first advising session as a freshman to introducing me to Raider Relief and opening my eyes to studying abroad. He continuously pushes me to think “outside the box” and his passion for his students is inspiring and makes being a marketing major that much better!

Along with thinking “outside of the box,” I was introduced to the idea of crowdfunding from one of my professors and I decided to give it a try. Crowdfunding can be defined as “the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.” I studied abroad in San Sebastian, Spain and used crowdfunding as a method of helping me fund the experience. Through crowdfunding I have learned a tremendous amount. It’s great having professors and advisors who challenge me to learn by stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Practical Preparation
I’ve had the amazing opportunity of interning in the Office of Marketing at Mount Union and it has been extremely beneficial to my college career.  I have worked a lot with Mount Union’s social media presence and implementing different strategies to best reach our current and prospective students. It’s been an awesome experience being at Mount Union as a student and working with the team who promotes our University to us students.

Time Management Skills
I also am fortunate to be a part of the Honors Program at Mount Union. It’s allowed me to streamline my courses and experience with knowledge and skills that employers are looking for in addition to helping me sharpen my time management skills. Also, with all the extra-curricular activities and opportunities to get involved on campus, time management is of the essence and Mount Union has definitely helped me sharpen that skill.

Consumer Behavior
I really enjoyed my Consumer Behavior class last spring because as marketing majors, we are always concerned about the customer, and this class helped put that into perspective. Understanding and realizing the steps a typical consumer goes through to select a product is very important in a marketing roll.

Helping Others
I am a member of Raider Relief, a student-driven philanthropic organization that recognizes the needs of people less fortunate and acts upon those needs in a fashion that is timely, sympathetic and rewarding for everyone involved. Overall, it has been my favorite experience on campus. I was lucky enough to be a project leader this semester and organized an event for our campus highlighting the movement because I said I would. Working with Raider Relief has been so rewarding and I am looking forward to a few more projects with them before I graduate.

Favorite Spot
My favorite place at Mount Union would have to be the Campus Lakes. They add so much beauty to our campus year-round and they offer a charming place to hang out with friends, do homework or just relax.

Career Satisfaction
I am not sure where I will end up after graduation, but I do know that I’m very interested in the technology industry and the nonprofit sector. Overall, I would just love a job where I wake up every morning excited to go to work.

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