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Asian Studies Careers

The global society in which we live requires knowledge of the entire world and not merely of the western tradition.  That’s why Mount Union offers a program in Asian studies, which provides students with knowledge of the Asian world in general and east, south and southeast Asia in particular.

Drawing  from the humanities, social sciences and fine arts, this program will prepare you for a career in which knowledge of Asian cultures and civilizations contributes to success. You will be prepared to continue your academic or professional pursuits in many areas.

  • Teaching
  • Politics
  • Government service
  • Social agency work
  • Library science
  • Historical preservation
  • Business

As an Asian studies major, you’ll be exposed to diverse disciplines such as art, business, economics, history, music, political science and religious studies. This coursework, in combination with opportunities for hands-on experience, will truly prepare you for a rewarding future.