Asian Studies Learning Objectives

At Mount Union, students in Asian Studies will draw upon knowledge from the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts. The major and minor will give students knowledge of the Asian world in general and East, South, and Southeast Asia in particular.

The major and minor of this program will prepare students for careers in which knowledge of Asian cultures and civilizations contributes to success. Graduates can continue their academic or professional pursuits in many areas that are related to Asia; some pursue careers in teaching, politics, government service, social- agency work, library science, historical preservation, or the world of business.

Requirements of the Asian Studies major and minor come from diverse disciplines such as art, business, economics, history, music, political science, and religious studies. Participating in internships, studying abroad, and attending professional conferences provide experiential learning opportunities for the students.

Learning Objectives for Asian Studies: 
Students will demonstrate:

  • critical thinking skills, their knowledge about the Asian culture, history and experience, and sharpen their ability to interpret the Asian experience from a variety of perspectives such as history, culture, media, literature, and politics. 
  • the appropriate use of the concepts, methods, and materials that will foster an integrative approach to learning about Asian culture and society, past and present.
  • the ability to synthesize knowledge about Asian culture and society.
  • an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity of the Asian experience, particularly across the issues of class, ethnicity, gender, religion, and race.
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