Khanh Linh Nguyen ‘17

Major: Physics/Financial Mathematics
Hometown:Hanoi, Vietnam

I believe Mount Union is providing me with important knowledge and hands-on experiences so that I can continue my education in graduate school and make my dream come true, which is to be a physics professor.

About the Astronomy Minor

The universe is a fascinating thing that can easily inspire awe. From a very early age, we learn about stars, planets and other phenomena and sometimes develop an interest that urges us to seek additional information and ask questions. Are we the only planet that supports life? What exists beyond our universe or galaxy? What is it like on Mars, or any other planet for that matter? Astronomy is a science that seeks to provide answers to these questions and many more.

The minor in astronomy is administered by the Department of Physics, which also offers a major in physics.

You may also want to check out biochemistry, biology, geology, earth science and environmental science.

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