Dr. Morgan Bagley

Teaching Area(s): Athletic Training

I left Mount Union as an undergrad and was able to work at the Division I level because of the diverse background attained here. I often tell my students, “The day you stop learning is the day you should prepare to fail.”

Athletic Training Facilities and Equipment

I. Athletic Training Facilities

1.    McPherson Academic and Athletic Center: (MAAC) This building houses our primary Athletic Training Facility.  This particular facility has sufficient space to accommodate  student athletes from all of our varsity sports.  Within this facility: large injury/ post-operative treatment area, taping/bracing area with elevated stations, rehabilitation area, cryotherapy room featuring three large whirlpools, wet storage area, dry storage area, Athletic Training Student workspace, Head Athletic Trainer’s office, as well as an elaborate cabinetry area for cleansing and dressing wounds. This was a brand new facility for the 2009/2010 school year.  The space is equipped with state of the art therapeutic modalities and rehabilitation equipment.  This brand new Athletic Training Facility offers modern and effective collegiate athletic training services to Mount Union’s student athletes.

2.    Wable-Harter Building: This building is adjacent to the football and outdoor track stadium and serves as a convenient location for preparing athletes immediately prior to practices and competitions. The Wable-Harter Athletic Training Facility is furnished with several tables and cabinets storing taping and first aid supplies.

3.    Stadium: This Athletic Training Facility is adjacent to the soccer team locker room and is used as a satellite facility.   It is equipped with a whirlpool, ultrasound/stim combination unit and a hydrocollator unit plus various therapeutic exercise modalities.

II.  Peters Exercise Science Laboratory

1.    Equipment: The Exercise Science Laboratory has numerous teaching models and skeletons. There is a BIODEX Isokinetic Unit,  Monarch Bicycle Ergometers, a PC regulated treadmill, an electronic spirometer for assessing oxygen use during exercise, a BodPod, force plate and a state of the art electrocardiogram (ECG: used for cardiac assessment). The facility also possesses a surface electromyogram (EMG: used for muscle assessment) and equipment for shooting and digitizing video for movement analysis.

III. Academic, Recreation and Athletic Facilities

The McPherson Academic and Athletic Center  (MAAC),  has recently  undergone extensive updates with the addition of more than 41,000 square feet and renovation of 31,000 square feet. This project was completed Fall 2009, providing expanded space for weight training and cardiovascular equipment, a multi-purpose room for student activities, an auxiliary gymnasium for practice and intramurals, a new wrestling center providing practice and locker room space and an enhanced natatorium. New features in the MAAC include an athletic training facility, the Clay Exercise Science Center and Peters Laboratory as well as classroom and faculty office spaces  and the addition of lounges, a conference room and a computer lab.  The expansion of the Peterson Field House will accommodate a NCAA regulation 200-meter indoor track with eight lanes and four tennis courts as well as provide additional practice space. 

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