Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Megan Ostrofsky ‘16

Major: Theatre and Middle Education
Hometown:North Canton, Ohio

I can get personal attention from all my professors in and out of the classroom because there aren’t an overwhelming number of students.

Auditioning / Portfolio Tips


  • Select pieces that best show your talent and portray characters within your age range.                  
  • The pieces should be well-memorized.
  • Use pieces from published works.
  • Arrive well in advance of your audition time to allow for a sufficient warm-up.
  • If using an accompanist, make certain that you bring original scores of the music that are clearly marked and in the proper key.


  • Portfolios should include show titles, and venues. It is perfectly acceptable to show work from class projects.
  • Be prepared to talk about your work on the projects.


  • Dress as you would for a business interview (no jeans, sneakers, t-shirts, etc.)
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