Authorized User

Parents: Are you assisting your student with their finances? Has your student given you access to their account? Your student can give you access as an authorized user

Students: If someone is helping you pay your bill, this is a great feature to include them in the circle of information. You can provide access to your billing account through your Self-Service website by clicking on the Finances tab and select “Make a Payment”. Click on the bottom left corner of the screen to “Add New” payer access.

If your student uses the authorized user tab in MAKE A PAYMENT, all authorized users will receive an email with the subject line “You have been given access” along this their access information. The user will be able to go online through the parent link to make a payment, or sign up for the monthly payment plan. This access is independent of your student’s account. The authorized user will NOT have access to Financial Aid, grades or other online student information, but:

  • Authorized users will be able to enter their own email address and password.
  • Authorized users should list this site under their favorites for easy access to their student’s account.
  • The bank account information and payment methods are hidden from any other users including your student.
  • The authorized user will be able to see the current balance on the student’s account, make payments, save payment methods and enroll in the monthly payment plan.
  • The authorized user enrolled in the payment plan will receive related emails regarding the payment reminders and revisions.
    • 2018 Per semester payment plan ($35 per semester enrollment fee) opens for enrollment on May 1 (Fall Semester) and December 1 (Spring Semester)


Parent Link

Click here to make a payment or to sign up for the monthly payment plan.


How To: Student Accounts 

Student Account Video

This video will show you how to navigate to your student account online page where you can view statements, make a payment, and give access to an authorized payer (parent).


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