Cheyanne Gonzales '18

Major: Writing
Hometown:Alliance, Ohio

I've lived in Alliance my whole life. I knew I wanted to stay close to home when I started researching colleges, and I realized that Mount Union was the perfect fit for me. The academics are strong and there is plenty to get involved in on campus. Not to mention, the campus is amazing.

Available Services

Individual Assessment, Counseling, & Education 

Assessment, counseling and education/resources are available in the areas of:

-  Alcohol or Drug Misuse/Abuse/Dependency
-  Tobacco Use
-  Behavioral Addictions:

  • Gambling
  • Sex/Porn
  • Shopping
  • Gaming/Internet

-  Stress Management
-  Healthy Relationships
-  Body Image/Eating Disorders
-  Time Management
-  Other Wellness Related Concerns

Students wanting to know more about responsible drinking, smoking cessation, living alcohol/drug-free, or other drug and alcohol or wellness issues can schedule an individual appointment.


Consultation/Referral Service

Often, staff or faculty will be one of the first persons to find out that a student is having personal problems that are interfering with their academic success or daily lives. In these situations, the office of Alcohol, Drug & Wellness Education is available for consultation.  The office also can provide referrals for services available in the community

Consultation is also available by professional staff members for assistance in program planning, and referral questions.

Family members and loved ones of students may also utilize the consultation services of this office.



The Office of Alcohol, Drug & Wellness Education meets students in need of outreach services. In addition to delivering services, the office's outreach program has an educational role and raises the awareness of existing services available to students.


Crisis Response

Alcohol, Drug & Wellness Education offers crisis intervention services to all enrolled students.  Crisis response is immediate and short-term psychological care to help students through a crisis situation to restore balance to their lives and to minimize the potential for long-term psychological trauma.


Group Education Classes/Support Groups

The alcohol and drug education groups are designed to help students gain insight and self-awareness regarding the use of mood-altering substances. Students must meet with an Alcohol, Drug & Wellness Education staff member before enrolling in group or class.

Contact the office of Alcohol, Drug & Wellness Education for current classes and support groups being offered.


Small Group Programs

Floor programs, risk management programs and classroom presentations are available. Topics include responsible drinking, binge drinking, drugs and alcohol, alcohol and athletes, health and wellness issues and many more.


Campus-Wide Programming

  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Great American Smoke-out
  • Drunk and Impaired Driving Prevention
  • Pre-finals stress reduction
  • Impaired Driving Prevention
  • Sexual Responsibility
  • Safe Spring Break planning


Online Alcohol Education

The office utilizes a program by Campus Clarity called “Think About It” to provide better, more comprehensive education to students as well as to comply with bystander intervention and sexual assault training requirements. It was administered to all incoming first-year and transfer students, but available to all students.  

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