AWS Works to Promote Gender Equality on Campus

March 22, 2016

The Association of Women Students is an organization on Mount Union’s campus that works to promote gender equity.

Despite the name including the word “women,” the organization is welcoming and open to any student that wants to promote equity for different genders on campus. Because the group wants to focus on gender equity and not just women’s issues on campus, the organization will be going through a name change. AWS will now be known as GEM, or: Gender Equity Matters. The groups’ philanthropy is Domestic Violence Awareness and members spend a lot of time volunteering at the Alliance Area Domestic Violence Shelter.

Some of the other events that GEM focuses on include making crafts/food donations for the shelter and hosting events that promote not only domestic violence awareness but also sexual assault awareness, Healthy Relationships Week, Women’s History Month and National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. During October, Domestic Violence Awareness month, AWS hosted the Hunting Grounds and Take Back the Night events.

During the month of April, the organization plans to recognize sexual assault awareness by sponsoring a room at the shelter, hosting a self-defense workshop and hosting a new name launch. The organization also frequently has craft nights and discussions at meetings. The crafts are donated to the AADVS and the discussions often pertain to representations of genders in modern day media.

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