Badge of Compassion: New Accessory on Mount Union’s Campus

May 24, 2010

This semester Mount Union faculty, staff and students will be adding a new accessory to their fall apparel.

Mount Union College’s Student Senate and the College’s chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) have joined forces and implemented a Badge of Compassion campaign to alleviate the stress and nervousness of freshmen. Members of the College community will be wearing badges that will identify them as helpful, caring and welcoming individuals who are open to any number of questions from incoming students.

“I hope that these badges will help to ease the transition of new students as they join our campus community,” said Mark McConnell, advisor of Mount Union’s chapter of AMA and instructor of economics, accounting and business administration. “This is our way of saying ‘we know how you feel’ and ‘let us help you.’”

Attending a college or university is overwhelming and a big transition for new students. Leaving home, many for the first time, students often feel lost and are nervous about asking for help when they need it. Friendly faces and gestures of welcome including these badges go the extra mile to make new students feel at home and put them at ease. Friendliness and a family atmosphere have always been strong points of the Mount Union experience, and these badges provide yet another gesture to welcome new students into the Mount Union family.

“I remember when I was a freshman – I was intimidated, overwhelmed and nervous,” said Amanda Moore, junior international business and economics major from Independence, OH. “If a freshman or new student this year can’t find a classroom, doesn’t know where a specific building is located or has any questions at all about the College – all they have to do is ask.”

For more information about the Badge of Compassion campaign or to become involved, contact Amanda Moore at or Cassandra Markel at

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