Basheer Jones Inspires Students to be Activists for Equality

March 05, 2009

basheerpostBasheer Jones, Cleveland radio personality and published poetry author, motivated students to “be dangerous activists” on Thursday, February 26 in the Mount Union Theatre.

Jones’ credited the inspiration for his speech from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his will to be “the most dangerous man in America.” According to Jones, Dr. King paved the way for African American success in this country, and he did it nonviolently. Jones prompted students to act the same, and advocate for change.

“Like Dr. King, don’t speak with violence, speak with nonviolence,” said Jones.

Jones pointed out that college students have always played a big role in the social movements of America, and it is important that they are inspired to be activists for equality, so that newer generations will fallow in their footsteps.

In order to be activists and be successful, Jones urged students to never give up on their dreams, no matter how out of reach they may seem.

 “Not everyone wants you to be successful; people make money off of other people destroying themselves,” preached Jones. “But if you want what average people don’t have, you must do what average people don’t do.”

Jones urged students to set aside their differences and work together, because ultimately they are trying to achieve the same goal.

“Just because we’re different, it doesn’t mean that we’re all not dealing with the same issues and the same struggles,” said Jones. “It’s all about the character and the heart. We’re so caught up in the outer character, we forget about the inner character.”

Jones also focused on struggles in his talk, urging students to use the struggles in life as motivators for their success. According to Jones, struggles can be used for inspiration or encouragement in life. His biggest motivator is the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

As for people who doubt dreams, Jones suggested to use those as motivators as well. “No great thing has even become great without being doubted,” Jones said. “Don’t allow doubts and worries to create mental blocks, turn them around.”

Jones believed the best investment for students is investment in people, as they will become something great. He urged students to motivate others by example.

Jones ended the presentation by reciting an excerpt of his written poetry. His poetry has won countless awards and has been featured in Essence Magazine, The Cleveland Call, Post and Plain Dealer Newspapers, and on numerous radio stations across the nation.

Aside from his motivational speaking, Jones is host of the Cleveland morning show, Basheer Jones and Company, that airs on News Talk 1490AM. He is also actively involved in the Cleveland community, serving as a member of B.R.I.C.K (Brotherhood, Respect, Intelligence, Conduct, and Knowledge) community service group, a committee member of Spiritual Affairs for the Student Government Association and as Public Relations Director for Muslim Student Association.

Recently, he also released his second CD, I’ll Speak 4 Change.

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