Benefits of the Jumpstart Summer Bridge Program

Most students entering college are expected to figure out how to adapt to the experience on their own. The opportunities that students are exposed to during the Jumpstart Program are unique experiences that will give them a leg up. By introducing them to the expectations of college life at Mount Union and equipping them with the skills and resources to succeed, students will be empowered to customize their university experience while developing strategies and skills to be successful.


The Jumpstart Program focuses on three core areas:

The Jumpstart Program is designed to equip incoming students with the skills and strategies to manage the academic workload that they can expect at Mount Union.  Students will: 

  • Get an introduction to college math through software that will help to develop math skills through an individualized process
  • Get a hands-on look at the Digital, Written and Oral Communication (DWOC) Studio, a collaborative space for students working on projects, papers, and research to get assistance with writing, oral presentations, and digital artifacts
  • Learn about the Integrative Core, Mount Union’s general education program, designed to prepare them to meet the ever-changing challenges of the 21st century careers
  • Learn to integrate research skills and library tools
  • Practice critical thinking and reflection techniques for college-level reading, writing and oral communication.

The Jumpstart Program strives to empower students to successfully navigate the University’s various offices, programs and services, giving them access to all the resources needed to achieve their academic goals. Students will:

  • Become familiar with all the financial support services offered through Student Financial Services and how to navigate the expenses related to earning their degree
  • Counselors will help students develop their personalized education plans while learning what factors to consider when planning their academic schedules to align with their academic goals
  • Learn helpful tips related to general wellness of the mind and body, as well as gain an overview of the services for student health and wellness
  • Gain an overview of the technology services available to them and how to effectively leverage them

The Jumpstart Program believes in the importance of building social and cultural awareness and inclusivity to provide students with opportunities to develop strong interpersonal and community relationships. Students will: 

  • Learn about the variety of opportunities to get actively involved in social, cultural, educational, and service programs at Mount Union
  • Have the opportunity to build lasting friendships through collaborative assignments and activities
  • Embrace all forms of diversity through collaborative projects and experiences


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