Biochemistry Major Mason ’18 Scores in the MCAT Top One Percent

September 15, 2017

Thomas MasonBY: Cheyanne Gonzales '18

ALLIANCE, Ohio - Thomas Mason ‘18, a biochemistry and Spanish double major and captain of the varsity basketball team at the University of Mount Union, showed that his talents excel both on and off the court by scoring in the top one percent on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Mason was not the first member of his family to see his high score on the MCAT. His father was the first to see and simply texted him “wow.” 

“I was pretty excited,” Mason said.

This achievement came as a result of a lot of preparation. Mason studied from MCAT preparation books and even took part in a preparation class taught by Dr. Keith Miller, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry. 

Mason believes being part of the basketball team has helped him when it comes to getting good grades in school and being prepared to work hard in all of his classes.

“Hard work is a lifestyle,” Mason often tells his teammates. “If you’re lazy on the court, you’ll be lazy off. It applies to the classroom in the same way.” 

With his busy schedule, Mason has learned the importance of time. He takes advantage of the large blocks of time whenever they come along and studies every chance he gets. His favorite spot to study is in Bracy Hall room 237 because it looks out over the lakes and walk way allowing him to see more than just classroom walls.

“I think it’s made me more conscious of the value of time,” Mason said.

Mason’s parents, Dr. Scott Mason, chair of the Department of Chemistry, and Dr. Sheryl Mason, assistant professor of biochemistry and chemistry, have influenced his work ethic and taught him to go above and beyond in everything her does. While his parents offered him guidance throughout his life, he always knew it was his decision on what to study and where to attend school. They would have supported his decisions if had chosen a different career or school.

Mason felt Mount Union was the best fit for him and biochemistry was the best choice to prepare him for his future career as a doctor. Having his parents at the same school gave him an extra boost of motivation to continue working hard to maintain good grades and excel in everything he does. 

After taking the MCAT, Mason is now preparing to apply to medical schools. So far, he has decided to apply to John Hopkins School of Medicine, Harvard Medical School and the Stanford University School of Medicine.

“I’m a firm believer God has given us all gifts,” he said. “My gift is that I’m pretty smart and I love learning about physiology and the body.” 

His desire to go into the medical field stems from his passion of learning and his drive to help people as a career. 

Mason’s goal is to receive his doctorate in internal medicine. He would like to one day treat people dealing with sports injuries. 

When he’s not studying or playing basketball, Mason is a Raider Guide, co-hosts the weekly sports podcast “Dream Team,” conducts research for Miller, participates in a scientific journal club and owns his own lawn care business with assistance from his father during the school year.

“If I wasn’t enjoying everything I’m doing, I wouldn’t be doing it,” Mason said.

Mason is grateful for the experiences he has received at Mount Union and the professors who have helped him throughout his college career.

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