Dr. Debra Boyd-Kimball

Teaching Area(s): Chemistry

The University is genuinely student-centered. There is no air of superiority or pretentiousness within, or across, the boundaries of staff and student. We all work together, and we work every day with and for the students.

Biochemistry Major Requirements

The University of Mount Union’s Biochemistry Major is structured to fill the growing need of understanding the molecular basis of life processes in our society. Specifically tailored to application in the life sciences, you will explore chemical substances, processes and reactions that occur in living organisms. You will learn in-depth about the concepts of inorganic, analytical, organic and physical chemistry. Diving deeper, you will be exposed to advanced biochemistry, including metabolism, nutrition, pharmacology, gene expression and biotechnology. Coupling these course paths with hands-on learning opportunities help to better prepare biochemistry major students toward future careers or study.

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Biochemistry Professor in Class Lab Biochemistry Student Working with Professor Student and Professor using Lab Equipment
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