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My ultimate career goal is to work for the CIA as an agent that travels to help unlock areas of knowledge that we don’t have about enemies that the United States has at that point in time.

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Current Student Spotlight:
Brandon German '15

Hometown:Cumberland, OH

Major:Criminal Justice, Comp Science

Future CIA Agent

Majors: Criminal Justice and Computer Science

Minor: German

Employee at the IT Helpdesk


Choosing Mount
I heard of Mount through my cousin, who graduated from here. I chose to attend Mount Union because it is a small school with a beautiful and comfortable campus. The classes are small and it has a great learning environment.

Campus Spot
My favorite place on campus is the library. It’s a great place to go study when you need to, and there are a lot of opportunities to meet new people just by walking through. It is a very nice building and great for relaxing in between classes.

Caring Professors
Getting to know your professors so that you aren’t just a number in a classroom sets Mount apart from other universities. They are very willing to help with problems that you may be having. The push from the teachers and other members of the faculty to get internships and attend the many job fairs that either we host or that are being hosted in the area to help extend our network of people are great preparations for success.

Cyber Security
I chose Criminal Justice and Computer Science as my majors because I want to get into cyber security in some government agency. I was able to go on a ride along my freshman year with the local police department. This was a great chance for me to get eyes on what I was learning about in class. I was able to apply what I was learning to my experience in the field with officers.

I was an intern at The Timken Company in the summer of 2013 as a part of their Information Technology Security and Compliance team. I helped ensure that the systems they were using were secure and helped plan for future development with their security architecture. It was a great experience that helped me learn more about the corporate world and how much group work is used within big companies.

Love for Learning
I love to learn about new things, and that is why I have taken a pretty diverse range of classes. I have taken classes on learning the basics of how computers communicate at the lowest level, on middle east cultures during the 1700s, on German culture in the past and present and on gangs and organized crime during the early 1800s until now. I’m able to diversify my range of knowledge and that is priceless to me.

Favorite Professor
Dr. Kirchmyer is my favorite professor. He has helped me a lot in many different ways. First, I failed my first project in a class, but he helped me understand why I failed it and how to fix my mistakes on that project, which helped me on future projects that I got A’s and B’s on. He has also helped me develop a large network of possible career opportunities and internships contacts. I have used him a few times as a reference when applying to different places.

Diverse Opportunities
The liberal arts aspect of Mount has helped to diversify me. I don’t walk into an interview expecting to only talk about the job that I am interviewing for. Professionals want to know what I have learned outside of my majors to see how well-rounded I am.

Future Goals
My ultimate career goal is to work for the CIA as an agent that travels to help unlock areas of knowledge that we don’t have about enemies that the United States has at that point in time.

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