Mikayla Kovacik ‘17

Major: Religious Studies and Music
Hometown:Jewett, OH

A liberal arts education is preparing me to be well rounded, and I believe that will be a great attribute when looking for a job.

Breaks in the Academic Year


Summer Work

You might be surprised to think you need to begin planning for the summer after your first year of study in the U. S., but it's helpful in thinking about dates when you buy airline tickets, and about housing if you decide to stay during breaks. Although many international students return to their home countries and are successful in finding jobs, for some students this may be neither practical nor desirable.

International students at the University of Mount Union enter the United States on a student visa, which, with special permission, allows for employment related to a student's academic major. If students wish to remain in the U.S., they may take advantage of the services offered by the Mount Union Career Services and the Center for Global Education in arranging to find internships or employment.

Students must realize that securing summer employment is a time-consuming and uncertain task; they must begin their search early. Students must also remain aware that only lawful employment is permitted; they must complete the necessary procedures for procurement of official work permission with the assistance of the Director of International Student Affairs. Students must contact the Center for Global Education if they would like to work, either paid or unpaid.

Appropriate jobs in the Alliance area are limited; students will likely find greater opportunities for meaningful employment in nearby metropolitan areas such as Canton/Akron, Cleveland or Pittsburgh. Students should consider the high cost of living when accepting summer jobs, making certain that their summer income will be adequate to cover living expenses.

Most students are employed at Mount Union during the vacation periods. Again they should plan to secure a job in a timely fashion. On campus employment is permitted for F-1 students; they do not have to apply for special permission from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) nor through the Center for Global Education.


Housing for Summer and Winter

Housing will be available for students who will stay on campus during the winter and summer vacation. During all breaks in the academic year, international students who properly notify the Office of Residence Life are permitted to remain in their rooms, free of charge.

During Summer vacation period, the cost for housing in a summer residence halls is approximately $110.00 per week.



Other Vacation Periods

Housing in their assigned rooms is available for international students. Most international students arrange to travel or to spend vacation time with friends and relatives in the United States or abroad. No one should plan to depart from campus until the official start of recess or vacation.

Please be assured that we will not leave students stranded or without housing and the appropriate support. It is Mount Union's policy to make sure international students are taken care of at all times. Nevertheless, we do expect international students to take responsibility for planning and communicating their needs and expectations.



Storage of Personal Belongings

At the end of each school year, Mount Union students may store their personal effects in designated storage areas. Please contact the Office of Residence Life at least fourteen days (14) prior to the date on which you would like to move your belongings into a storage area. Space is limited to approximately two cubic meters per student. The College is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items from storage rooms. We recommend that you do not leave electronics or other valuable items in storage. Storage rooms are not able to accommodate large items such as sofas.

If you have not properly requested permission for storage through the Office of Residence Life as according to their procedures, you will not be allowed access to the storage area. Campus Security will no longer allow students direct access to storage area without permission from the Office of Residence Life or the Center for Global Education.


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