Breaks in the Academic Year

Housing for Official Breaks
(Fall Break, Winter Break and Spring Break)

Housing will be available for students who stay on campus during the winter and summer vacation. During all breaks in the academic year, international students who properly notify the Office of Residence Life are permitted to remain in their rooms, free of charge.

Housing for Summer Break

During summer vacation period, the cost for housing in a summer residence halls is approximately $110.00 per week.

Storage of Personal Belongings

At the end of each school year, Mount Union students may store their personal effects in designated storage areas. Please contact the International Student Services office at least seven days (7) prior to the date on which you would like to move your belongings into a storage area. The University of Mount Union is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items from storage rooms by theft, fire or other causes. We recommend that you do not leave electronics or other valuable items in storage. Storage rooms are not able to accommodate large items such as sofas.

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