Briana Harris '15

Major: Sport Business
Job Title: Account Manager - Group Sales

Hometown: Boardman, Ohio

Minor: Communications

I work with new and returning clients to design ticket packages for Miami HEAT games. I help my groups accomplish long-term and short-term goals as well as create lasting memories.


Home Away from Home
I chose Mount Union because from the moment I stepped foot on campus, it felt like home. I loved the beautiful brick buildings and fresh purple flowers. Every student and faculty member I met was kind, helpful, and encouraging. I knew from my first moment on campus that this would be the place that would help me create my journey.

Exceptional Resources
Mount Union is different because students have access to every tool they need to be successful. The Digital, Written and Oral Communication center, free tutors, work- study jobs, and internship positions were always within reach. As a student, Mount Union held me accountable for my education because there was no good excuse as to why I couldn’t get my work done to the best of my ability.

Favorite Professors
It would be totally unjust for me to select just one favorite professor. With that, my three favorite professors were Dr. Lori Braa, Dr. Jim Kadlecek and Dr. James Thoma. These three professors worked together every day to shape the Sport Business department while each bringing their unique flair. They treated each student as their own child; challenging them, inspiring them, worrying about them and being proud of them. These three professors were parents to me in the sense that they taught me things that my actual parents couldn’t teach me. When I was in school and to this day, they are only a phone call away.

Internship Experience
During my time at Mount Union I had several internships. First, I was a Game Day Fan Surveyor with the Cleveland Indians. Next, I interned with the National Basketball Association in Cleveland. Then, I interned with The Pro Football Hall of Fame. I worked with their Education Department during the day and managed special events with Marketing Department in the evenings. Finally, I interned and sold tickets with the Canton Charge. All of these internships were crucially important to my education. Each day, when an internship opportunity would become available, Dr. Thoma would email blast the update to all of the Sport Business students. If one of the positions interested me, I would stop by Dr. Thoma’s office and he would give me the name of the person to reach out to in order to apply. I will never be able to thank Dr. Thoma enough for all of his guidance throughout the years.

On Campus Involvement
While at Mount Union, I was a part of the Mount Union Women’s Soccer Team, Gamma Phi Beta Service Fraternity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Student Ambassadors.

Unexpected Learning Opportunities
The liberal arts education at Mount Union prepared me for my career because it forced me to take classes and learn about topics I would not voluntarily take. By no means am I a science person; however, to fill my science requirement, I signed up for a course in Environment Science. What I thought would be the worst class ever ended up being the most fun and challenging class with a field trip once a week to places like landfills and water treatment centers. As a working adult, there are tasks I am still not thrilled about accomplishing. However, Mount Union’s liberal arts education system has taught me that I can finish any task passed my way and I may even come out the other side better than when I started.

Staying Connected
I stay connected to Mount Union because I am still friends with a few of the current students. I follow the Mount Union social media accounts and I enjoy making the trip back to Alliance for Homecoming weekend. I also still regularly interact with my classmates and professors who have become life-long friends.

Current Job
The best thing about my current job is working for a world- class organization. I love working for an organization that collectively works together to be better every day. With this mindset, I have been able to make the most out of the relationships I have as well as learning something new every single day.

Future Goals
One goal I would like to accomplish in my life would be to be able to give back to the places and people who got me where I am. My biggest goal is to leave a mark.

Helpful Advice
The best piece of advice I have received came from our female VP at the Miami HEAT, Kim Stone. She said that a lot of times it is impossible to have work/life balance because everyone in our industry is always working. Instead, she strives for work/life harmony and will always answer phone call from her loved ones.

Briana Harris

Mount Union is different because students have access to every tool they need to be successful. The Digital, Written and Oral Communication center, free tutors, work- study jobs, and internship positions were always within reach.

Fun Facts

If you could have lunch with anyone, who would you choose and why?
My parents because I always take my time with them for granted and they always pay the bill.
If you could try any job for a day, what would it be and why?
I would love to run my own salon/pilates studio/coffee shop. I think I would be pretty good at it because I have a passion for each and would like to make my own rules.
What's your perfect sandwich?
Turkey Tom with salt and vinegar chips from Jimmy John's.
What is your all-time favorite movie or TV show?
Favorite travel destination?
Croatia to visit my family home.
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