Brittany Rivers Discusses ‘Infanticide in China’

April 24, 2012

ALLIANCE, Ohio — “Infanticide in China: The Repercussions of a Gender-Bias Generation” was the topic discussed by senior psychology and Japanese major Brittany Rivers during the University of Mount Union’s annual SCHOLAR Day held Tuesday, April 17.

Rivers, of Cambridge, OH, discussed the trend of killing off female children in China, which has caused the gender gap to skyrocket in recent decades. Rivers said she learned through her research that China’s population ratio is seven boys to every one girl. Effects of the “One Child Only” policy in China, Rivers said, include a decrease in population, an increase in sex trafficking from neighboring countries and an increase in domestic violence.

“The next couple of decades will show a change in China’s culture,” Rivers said. “There are about 32 million more boys than girls right now. It’s a huge gender gap and a huge problem.”

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